Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My first entry 。(*゜~`*)。

Why did I create this blog?

Actually I got 2 blogs already. Although I had just wanted to create new one that I must pushed myself to publish entry in English version. Because I wanted to practice my english that isn't quite well as it used to be.

Why did I choose blogspot?

I had just noticed that google provides this service to us. So I tried to use this one.

What was my first attiture when using blogspot?

At first, I didn't like themes that they serve but nevermind I must choosed one of them. Later on, I found out that they served many conveniences quite well.

Thus it was so so to me, not positive or negative.

PS. My english is suck. If any grammar is wrong, just tell me. I will correct it. Thanks :D

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